Titles of Theses Copyedited in .doc or LaTeX formats

Ultra Wideband Imaging for Breast Cancer Early Detection Using Neural Network, by Saleh Ali Alshehri, PhD thesis for Universiti Putra Malaysia, Dec. 2010 (.doc)

Essays on State Space Models and Macroeconomic Modelling, by Davide Delle Monache, PhD thesis for the University of Cambridge, UK, Jan 2011 (LaTeX)

Improvement of Geotechnical Site Investigation via Statistical Analyses and Simulation, by Jong-Hee Kim, PhD thesis for Georgia Tech, March 2011 (.doc)

The long-lasting effects of family background: A European cross-country comparison by Fabrizio Mazzonna, PhD thesis for Ca' Foscari University and Tor Vergata University, April 2011 (LaTeX)

A Training-Free Brain-Machine Interface for Electroencephalogram-based Control, by Yichuan Liu, MS thesis for Boston University, April 2011 (LaTeX)

The Influence of Self-Esteem and Locus of Control on Fear of Crime in an Urban Student Population, by Shirlette J. Maison, thesis for Hunter College, May 2011 (.docx)

Greenway design and planning for healthy communities: Case study of Knoxville, by Yilin Shi, Master of Landscape Architecture thesis for the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, May 2011 (.doc)

Soft X-ray Coherence and Coherent Diffractive Imaging, by Ramon Rick, PhD thesis for Stanford University, August, 2011 (LaTeX)

Reading Karl Barth with Evangelical Mind: Bernard Ramm as a Cross-Cultural Model, by Simon Sze Wang Wat, PhD thesis for Northwestern Theological Seminary, August 2011 (.docx)

Building Successful Partnerships: A Production Theory of Global Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration, by Sebastian Buckup, Doktor der Wirtschaftswissenschaft thesis for University of Witten/Hedecke, November 2011 (LaTeX)

Source-to-Source Automatic Program Transformations for GPU-like Accelerators, by Mehdi Amini, PhD thesis for l’École national supérieure des mines de Paris, August 2012 (LaTeX)

Quantitative Medical Imaging: Noncontact ultrasound imaging applied to cortical bone phantoms, by Peter Halcrow, PhD thesis for California State University, October 2012 (.doc).

Detection and classification of sequence and structure similarities, by Karl Frank, Doctor ofTechnology thesis for University of Salzburg. December 2012 (LaTeX)

Growth, Physiological Responses and Enzymatic Antioxidants on Five Hevea Brasiliensis Clones Under Water Stress, by Noorliana Mohd Zan, master's thesis for University Putra Maylasia, February 2013 (.doc)

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