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(and other researchers)

Professors: The services of The ThesisEditor are not only for students!

In fact, the majority of Dr. Young's experience has been copyediting manuscripts written by professors and professional researchers. All scientific and scholarly manuscripts (and any other manuscript, for that matter, subject to a $50 minimum) are welcome here.

Why not just send a manuscript directly to a publisher or journal?

Too many manuscripts have been accepted by the Acquisitions Department of a university press, sent into Production, then to an agency, and then to a freelance copyeditor who realizes that the manuscript should have been sent back to the author for revision at the first step.

Avoid such mishaps, and enhance the probability of acceptance by a publisher or journal, by having The ThesisEditor review your manuscript.  

If you have any ESL students who have trouble with the English language, please recommend to them my thesis editing service. 

For free, no-obligation preliminary review, send your manuscript (or sample) as e-mail attachment to

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