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Prepare Your Manuscript

before submitting to The ThesisEditor

• Prepare manuscript using Microsoft Word or LaTeX

          • Word 1997–2003 (.doc format), Word 2007 (.docx format), or Word 2010 (.docx or .docm format)

          • LaTeX (.tex) format provides typesetting control over the appearance of your manuscript. See Formats

          • Do not use .pdf, .jpg, .gif, or .xls formats to prepare a manuscript for editing. Use Adobe Acrobat after editing is complete using word processor.

• Select a Style Guide if needed for your manuscript.

• Format each page for editing

          • Double space ALL material. This applies to footnotes, endnotes, figure captions, and references.

          • Set all material in 12-point type. Set ragged right (left align, not justified).

          • Set all material in same font. Times New Roman recommended; others are ok. Don’t use special fonts for special symbols; set them in regular text font.

• Mathemetics in Word .doc or .docx documents:

Equations will be edited using MathType v. 6.7. 

• Break up long paragraphs

There should be two or three, or more, paragraphs per page. It’s better for the author to do this surgery than The ThesisEditor.

• Be sure lettering in artwork is large enough for legibility

• Merge all material into a single file

• Choose your language: English(U.S.) or English(U.K.)

Determine preference of your intended publisher. Check language in your manuscript by doing a sample ABC check in Word. Change language using Tools −−> Language −−> Set Language. [This doesn’t affect how your paper is written. It determines only the dictionary consulted in Spell Check.]

• Format references in appropriate style

          • If your manuscript is ultimately intended for a book publisher or journal, identify their preferred reference style (or peruse samples in print).

          • Watch authors’ names, capitalization, quotation marks, and italics.

          • Be sure that the format of your references is uniform throughout the list.

• Now your manuscript is ready to send to The ThesisEditor! 

• For free, no-obligation preliminary review, send your manuscript (or sample) as e-mail attachment to

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