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The ThesisEditor has corrected the writing of dozens of math professors—

            —and can help with your writing, too!

The ThesisEditor has copyedited 39 articles for the Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 18 articles for the Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, and four long articles for the Duke Mathematical Journal.

The ThesisEditor is well versed in Mathematics into Type, the official style guide of the American Mathematical Society.

        For example, one must watch those commas:

            A if B   (no comma!)

            If A, then B   (always a comma!)

The ThesisEditor has taught graduate-level courses in mathematics at Northeastern University.

The ThesisEditor has used mathematics throughout a many-decade professional career in physics.

• Editing LaTeX files is offered, which will ensure that your mathematical expressions, not matter how complicated, will have proper appearance. Check out editing .tex format

For a free, no-obligation preliminary evaluation, send your manuscript (or sample) as an e-mail attachment to

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Editing of mathematical features in MathType (.doc and.docx) and BaKoMa (LaTeX):


        • Math variables in italic

        • Functions, three-letter abbreviations roman

        • Proper spacing around = + × 

       • Full size parentheses

        • Proper alignment of two-line display equations