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Formats:  .doc   .docx   .tex

Do not submit manuscripts in .pdf format; these are suitable for display, not for editing. Submit your manuscript in the format in which you originally created it. 

Please avoid conversions. Do not convert mathematics to images.

Manuscripts are welcome in .doc, .docx, or .docm formats. These will be edited using Microsoft Word 2010, a comprehensive program that includes all the functionalities of Word 97-2003 and Word 2007. Thus your .doc manuscript will be returned in .doc format, and you can edit it further using the original version of Word. However, your .doc file can be converted to .docx format if you wish.

Mathematical expressions on Word documents will be edited using MathType v. 6.7.

LaTeX .tex manuscripts will be edited using BaKoMa version 10.10, which offers editing the LaTeX source code while viewing a second full WYSIWYG screen, so you can be sure the final output will have the desired appearance. The edited .tex file will be returned along with a .pdf version of the final edited manuscript.


A copy of the original pdf file, with all edited items marked up, will also be furnished, providing a Track Changes service. 


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Editing of mathematical features in MathType and BaKoMa:


        Math variables in italic

        Functions, three-letter abbreviations roman

        Proper spacing around = +  

       Full size parentheses

        Proper alignment of two-line display equations


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