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Authors for whom English is a Second Language

The AcademicEditor has copyedited hundreds of articles and many books written by authors for whom English is not their native language. English is a very challenging language for orientals, and can trip up even those who spoke only French or Spanish in childhood.

Authors who were brought up speaking a language without articles (a, an, the) sometimes compensate when writing in English by putting too many the’s. The AcademicEditor can restore the proper balance.

Won’t the publisher’s copyeditor take care of all that?

Perhaps. If your manuscript is accepted. Many publishers and journals warn that poorly written manuscripts will not even be reviewed.

Why should my manuscript not be sent to the service agencies suggested by some of these publishers?

With a large agency who knows what freelancer may edit your paper. At a large agency you are paying for considerable overhead and for supervisors of editors, and experiencing delays due to the many transfers of manuscripts.

At you are dealing directly with the editor—Lee Adams Young, PhD, who can provide faster service. Check out Dr. Young's experience with scientific and scholarly material. Check out his economical prices.  

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