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The ThesisEditor has copyedited many professional chemistry manuscripts—

            —and can help with your writing, too!

The ThesisEditor has copyedited numerous manuscripts to be published in professional journals such as the Journal of Chemical Physics.

• Before turning to copyediting, The ThesisEditor pursued a professional career in physics for several decades, including research in high-temperature thermochemistry and molecular spectroscopy.

The ThesisEditor has published an article in the Journal of Chemical Physics.

The ThesisEditor is well versed in the latest edition of The ACS Style Guide, the official style guide of the American Chemical Society.

The ThesisEditor can spot topographical errors in hyperpolysyllabic names of organic compounds, and make these corrections:

      • Change     3’ and 5’   to     3′ and 5′

     • Change   30ul    to     30 µL

     • Change   25ºC    to     25 ºC

     • Change     ΔHo     to     ΔHº

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